Ten years ago we slowly started to realize that there is a lot of us who love to work on our homes and constantly finding solutions to any problem that occurs in our household. We started to hang out more, and we exchanged ideas about home improvements and how some problem can be solved with little time and money.   We noticed that a lot of people spend too much money on repairs that they could have done by themselves.  It is a shame to see how money is being pulled out of pockets when people could have used it for far more important stuff. We wanted to let the community know how they can be capable of doing things related to their houses by themselves. This way we also wanted to make Savannah look even prettier.  We wanted to share our skills, but we didn’t know how to. We also didn’t realize that we are not alone; there were so many people who were interested in the same thing as we were.  So, one day we decided to go formal. We founded a club that is also nurture today.  This club is now our second family and our source of profit and entertainment.

Today we are more than ever aware that Savannah and the people of Savannah needed our club to be founded. It goes without saying that without a good will of our family, friends and neighbors we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Our focus was at first very narrow. We were strictly focused on repairs because that’s what pushed us to create this club.  But as we grew, more people meant more ideas.  By exchanging ideas and criticizing and commenting each other work, we came to the realization that we should expand our horizons. That’s how we incorporated themes related to interior and exterior design. This meant that even more women wanted to participate now in our gatherings and that meant a lot to us.

We didn’t stop there.  We pushed the limits and started writing and discussing construction of the house, for example how to make the attic useful; we then started to implement ideas about gardening and garden maintenance. It was similar to a domino effect. Ideas and categories started to flow, and that flow is continuing to this day. Our latest contributions to content were articles by a group of our members on how to make you home safe for a newborn and toddlers, how to accommodate your home to a pet and how to use the space the best. We want to thank Savannah and its professional roofers, architects, and contractors. They all contributed to the quality of our content. We hope to continue a good cooperation, and we hope that you will decide to support us and visit one of our gatherings in the beautiful city of Savannah.