The oldest city in the southern  U.S. state of Georgia, Savannah, has a few things to brag about. As the county seat of Chatham County, it plays a crucial role as an industrial center and a very important strategic Atlantic seaport.  Its story dates back to 1733. when it was founded on the Savannah River by James Oglethorpe.  You can easily remember Savannah because of its city plan which is unique because of a lot of small squares that have been covered with vegetation and turned into small parks. All these green surfaces are surrounded by the architecture which is mostly in Georgian Colonial style, and some of it is Greek Revival architecture.

Like what… ?

Unlike other cities in the U.S., Savannah is special for their long and rich history. To prove that point you don’t have to read a ton of history textbooks or do a lot of research. If you only take a walk in Savannah, you will understand what we mean by ‘long and rich history.’ We have more than enough visual proves. There are a lot of historical building that you can visit in Savannah. Some of them are the First African Baptist Church, which is one of the oldest ones in the entire America, also the third oldest American synagogue. And of course,  you can’t leave without visiting the Central of Georgia Railway roundhouse complex, the oldest antebellum rail facility in America and a rare example of anything that is antebellum in the U.S. She is a definite winner when it comes to districts; there are Savannah Historic District and the Savannah Victorian Historic District which combined with the  22 parklike squares, is set to be one of the largest and most notable National Historic Landmark. Considering all of the above it is no wonder that Savannah is today a number one tourist place and fifth largest city in the state of Georgia and of course third largest metropolitan area.

And except for history?

But except for that, it’s important to understand that this city has an incredible energy, it’s vibrant and urban which is a result of many cultural events taking place at Savannah. Events such as Savannah Music Festival or the Savannah Book Festival and organizations like The Coastal Jazz Association are keeping this city lively. We can write good stuff about Savannah until the next New Year’s Eve, but trust us; you won’t understand until you live the cities spirit. This post was written by top roofing contractors Savannah, GA, make sure to give us a call.