book festival savannah


Savannah Book Festival enjoys doing what it does for many reasons. Yes, we love that we meet new people, we love that we get to talk about the topics that we enjoy talking. We got to know some of the most appreciated people in the industry and listen to them. However, there is one thing the Savannah Book Festival appreciates a lot. The most valuable and appreciated thing among our community is giving support. We know very well that without the support of some key people and sponsor, we just could not function. Not only that we appreciate support in the form of money or advertising. When you are a part of our organization, when you only show up to represent something of your own, you are automatically helping us improve and step up our game.  Our supporters are members. They act as glue for this whole organization.

And while there are many people who visited our festival there is one company that left us speechless. Its hard work and dedication left a big impression on others and us, the organizers, as well.

South Shore Roofing may seem like an ordinary roofing company, but they are certainly not.  You maybe ask yourself; Well, why? What are they doing that others don’t? As you know, roofing companies, not only roofing companies but any company uses festivals to promote themselves. You will see Jamie Oliver on a big London Food Festival; you will see Tesla automobiles on every car festival. They all come on those festivals to promote their products or something they do. There isn’t anything wrong with that; it is quite a good thing actually. However, they mostly don’t really participate in the whole event.  Often they put up their stand or put their car on display, and that’s it.

South Shore does that differently. They promote, but they promote differently. Our common story began a few months ago.  On one of out often gatherings, Savannah Book Festival came to an idea to put together an ultimate guide on home improving. We decided to give everything people need and want to know in one book. This was a major thing for us, a major project and a major responsibility.  Remember, there is a lot of professionals in our organization but it is different when you have a whole company behind you.  Some of our professionals couldn’t do this collaboration because of some personal reasons. That’s where South Shore stepped in. South Shore provided us with all the information related to roofing. Not only that they helped improve our project  but they also taught us many things about roofing that we didn’t know before.  They made our book guide completely. But they didn’t stop at that. They showed up at our festival in Savannah, and they did such an amazing job. From quizzes with our audience to experiments with roofing materials- they made our festival so much better by performances and speeches held by their employees and a vice president.

This way we want to say special thanks to South Shore Roofing, a repair and roof replacement contractor from Savannah, and congratulate them on an amazing job!