Moving our books in Savannah

Moving our books in Savannah


Each book of ours, each edition of ours, each article of ours is dedicated to one thing- to your home. We devote our time, money, passion and love to finding the best solutions for your interior and exterior, efficient home improvements and most quality techniques of building. If you have ever been to our gathering, you know how crowded it is and what a significant amount of content we offer you there and comment, promote and represent to you. Savannah’s Books for Professionals is way more than just a home-loving book community – we try hard to be your companion, and at times, organizing is a hard and long process.

We mentioned organization because we want for people to understand that it is not something we can do in one day. And it is not as easy as we make it look. Each gathering of ours is planned weeks ahead with a considerable amount of precision, hard work and many, many and we mean many phone calls. Each segment of the gathering/festival is taken care of by an individual team. This means that when you come to the festival, you are not attending a one person show. We organize our teams by the tasks we need to get done, so there is a funding group, venue team, catering team, finances, creative team etc. We are almost like a small factory of ideas, phone calls and risky solutions. Savannah Books for Professionals would never be here today if there were not for the amazing people that help us.

Why are we telling you all this?

Our last gathering was a kind of interesting one.  We could also say a stressful one but let’s keep it positive. We have been planning a new edition of the festival for months ahead, and we wanted everything to be perfect. We went into the whole organization with a positive mindset, ready to rock the gathering once again. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet and our efforts, we managed to gather a lot of volunteers who were more than happy to help. Reaching them wasn’t easy because we had to give a speech in certain universities, classes and organizations similar to ours. We were euphoric when we finally reached the number of volunteers that we wanted to have- and they were all amazing.  We organized our teams, put together a plan and simply were ready to bring an amazing gathering for our members. As always- perfection is not an option.

When almost everything was prepared and managed, we only had to move the books we wanted to represent to the venue. And then something happened; our current moving company canceled. Not only our entire team of volunteers and sponsors was demotivated, but we had a gathering happening in 2 days and no books at the place of the event. That’s when our kind member recommended us top movers in Savannah.

We were not exciting with the idea of hiring a moving company again; our plan B was to stop all the other jobs in the process and get help from our volunteers for moving the books. However, it was two days until the festival and we had to react fast. We decided to give them a shot and we are so happy we did. Not only this company did an entire job in 5 hours straight, but they also helped us move the stands and chairs for the visitors. In the end, they moved our whole equipment and absolutely nothing- not even fragile things- were destroyed. After this amazing performance, we simply had to ask them to collaborate with us, and we are proud to have them on our team.

They are  an entirely new team for Savannah’s Books for Professionals due to the high-quality, kind approach and fast delivery. Moving thousands of books from one corner of the city to another is for sure not a simple task. Our festival turned out to be amazing- we were featured in many magazines and all over the Internet. None of that would be possible without our sponsors – Thanks guys!

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