As previously said; we would not be here if there wasn’t for all the nice people from our community who helped us. We believe that every project needs people if you want it to grow. We believe that people and their hard work can do almost everything.  That is how we got here. There are many ways in which you can contribute to our club and in the same time lear a lot.  First of all, we can’t lie; we need the money to improve our gatherings. It can help us get the best speakers, the best experts in the field of design, building, construction, roofing, etc. This way we could find better venues to keep our events at. The more people a venue can take, the better. It could help us buy new equipment like computers, monitors, projectors, microphones for our guest speakers or maybe invest in the quality of our prined articles and books.

We could afford  to ensure you have a parking place in front of a venue or a child care if you have no where to leave your child. Our overall service would be better, including more copies of our book guides, better food, and beverages on gatherings,  everything would simply be much bigger proportions  and  we would simply have a better organization.  If you decide to be our sponsors, we will be ready to promote you wherever and whenever we can. Another way to help us become even better is to volunteer for us.  People of Savannah,  we need you! We need additional staff as our projects are becoming more and more time-consuming, and it’s hard to manage everything without some help from the outside.  Students from all across Savannah you are wanted here at out offices, at our gatherings.  It maybe won’t give you a material benefit, but it will look great on your CV, and you will have a great experience! Same goes for seniors, middle-aged people, parents, grandparents, teachers, architects, roofers, everyone! We need your wisdom,  your experience, your young perspective, your knowledge to be better.  Savannah’s Book for Professionals is in existence because of hard work but also a strong, good will. We hope you will stand by us and contact us to help in any way.