To be perfectly honest, the U.S. has a lot to offer so why should you choose exactly Savannah as a place for your vacation?  Well, as the oldest city in the southern  U.S. state of Georgia there a few points you should consider.  Like it or not, Savannah is the most important industrial center and an Atlantic seaport.  That’s why it’s a county seat of Chatham County. Savannah’s history begins back in 1733when James Oglethorpe decided to build a city on the Savannah River. There are many unique things about this city, but the most recognizable is  the fact that it has a bunch of small park squares with historical Georgian colonial style buildings around them.

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America has a pretty young and therefore simple history but Savanna stands out from all the other states because of her rich history. If you took a look at this city, if you tried to noticed at least some of the original architecture, you should understand what we are trying to say. But still, maybe you were blown away by cultural scene to we are going to guide you through Savannah. There are a lot of notable historical building that you can visit in Savannah. Some of them are the birthplace of famous  Juliette Gordon Low, proud founder of Girl Scouts of the USA),  or the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences which is one of first southern public museums.  Savannah is also known for her historic districts in which there is a wide range of activities you can do. It isn’t for no reason the Savannah Victorian Historic District which along with the  22 parklike squares,  takes a title of a National Historic Landmark. When you think about all of this, is is absolutely logical that today Savannah is a number one tourist place and fifth largest city in the state of Georgia and of course third largest metropolitan area.

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However, history isn’t the only thing you can enjoy here. This city has an urban energy that will make you want to dance, play, act and laugh. It is vibrant and positive.  Maybe it because of many events that are happening annually here in or maybe it is just simply because of the people from here and their will to help their city grow.